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These violent delights have violent ends

Why can't we fix this breakdown?

"Now, if you finish this section of the test early just start right on the essay, mm'kay?"
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Day two: done.

Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Got done a hour and a half early and boogied out of there. Math was mostly adding, subtracting and multiplying. Simple stuff, even for me. Language Arts was fun, since I love that sort of stuff. Not sure how I did on the essay, though. I haven't written one in over two years. D:

Pretty much an uneventful day, besides the part where I ate my body weight in Chinese food. So goooooood.

Oh! And I got a call from Whole Foods (finally). My first day will be this Friday. 9a-5:30p I'll be sitting, learning stuff about the company and whatnot. 5:30p-8:30p will be coffee training, which should be a breeze since I've worked for one coffee company or another for about three years now. I'm so excited that I'm actually going to have money again!

"You must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the test."
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Day one is of GED is done. It was embarrassingly simple. Just a little survey, orientation, and the constitution test that had an allotted time of 45 minutes; got it done in 15.

Tomorrow won't be as simple, though. Ninety minute Math test (ohgodno), and then a 120 minute Language Arts test. I like me some LA, so that won't be so bad, but Math and I...we don't get along very well.

The worst part is that the test supervisor has a really, really heavy accent, so he had to keep repeating himself and repeating himself and ugh. Desk, meet face. Face, meet desk.
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This is the part where my mother refuses to let me move out so she can use my discount.
(fantastic!) Life is flipping fantastic
GOT THE JOB AT WHOLE FOODS. You know, the one I first interviewed for a month ago, where they never called back? Yeah, well, yesterday I got a call asking if I was still interested. Ran in there, talked to a few people, and boom! Job is mine.


$10 an hour, too. That's the most I've made ever ever ever. The only downside is that it's part-time, and I was really looking for a full-time position. But! It's considered part-time 20, which means I'll always have over twenty hours a week there, which also means that I'm eligible for medical.


Independence, I'm coming, baby.

The 20% discount on groceries that I'll get just about made my mom die of happiness.

*insert happy-as-a-hog-in-the-mud dance here*

(welcome) Welcome to the internet
Got a Twitter account.

I know! Shut up!

Why do I keep dooooooing this to myself? D:

In other news, haven't heard anything back from Whole Foods on the part-time position. *shrugs* Doesn't bother me that much, I suppose. Wasn't super excited about it. Applied to two other full-time jobs at the Whole Foods in Evanston yesterday. Woop woop?

[Sasuke + Naruto] ; Empty Conversations
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Naruto Fanfiction for Bakkhos :: Saké Cup :: Itachi + Akatsuki. Poor Kisame.
(love) Akatsuki is love [ItachixKisame]
Right. Since bakkhos said that she would love her some drunk Itachi fic this Christmas, I wrote her some. And it's CRACK. So here you go bakkhos. I hope you can enjoy. Forgive any mistakes, I didn't have a lot of time to proof-read it before I had to leave.

Title: Saké Cup
Word count: 2,408
Characters/Pairing: Itachi, and the rest of Akatsuki. But no Orochimaru. I dun like him today.
Rating: Teen, for quite a bit of swearing.
Summary: When Itachi first joins Akatsuki, there's an "initiation ceremony" of sorts. One that involves alcohol. Lots, and lots, of alcohol. Strange things are said when one is drunk. Pity Kisame. Yeah. DRUNK!Itachi crack.

A/N: Okay. I don't know who all was in Akatsuki when Itachi joined. And I'm not even sure how old Itachi was when he joined. This is crack. Crack doesn't have to make sense.

“He’s your partner,” Deidara said with a shrug of his shoulders. “You take care of the problem, un.”

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Three Naruto Drabbles. Naruto + Sasuke, Kakashi x Sakura, Sasuke + Itachi
(oh really) Shoshanna smoking
I wrote out a few drabbles in attempt to break the yucky stagnation in my writing. Don't think it worked though. They're short. None over two hundred words, I don't think.


Home again; Naruto + SasukeCollapse )
Hold me; Kakashi x SakuraCollapse )
Beautiful lies; Sasuke + ItachiCollapse )

Naruto Fanfiction :: Drowning :: Itachi/Sasuke
(oh really) Shoshanna smoking
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Naruto Fanfiction :: Brilliance :: Itachi/Sasuke
(oh really) Shoshanna smoking
Companion to "After Effect", which circles mainly around Sasuke. Brilliance, though, is an Itachi-centered fic.

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Naruto Fanfiction :: After Effect :: Sasuke, Naruto and Itachi
(oh really) Shoshanna smoking
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