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Three Naruto Drabbles. Naruto + Sasuke, Kakashi x Sakura, Sasuke + Itachi
(oh really) Shoshanna smoking
I wrote out a few drabbles in attempt to break the yucky stagnation in my writing. Don't think it worked though. They're short. None over two hundred words, I don't think.


Home again
::Naruto + Sasuke::

There was nothing more he could do.

There was so much more he could have done.

Why? Why did he have to look so fucking blank? Why couldn’t the bastard look angry, just for a moment? Couldn’t he show something, anything, to prove that he was still human?

How much of this, exactly, was truly Orochimaru’s fault?

How much of this was Sasuke?

In the moment when Sasuke pulled that unfamiliar sword and leaned over beside him, when Naruto caught the smell of death and hate and fear, he knew that they were never going to get Sasuke back alive.

But he would make good on his promise to Sakura and bring him home, no matter the cost.

Team Seven would never be whole again.

Hold me
::Kakashi x Sakura::

Sing for me, she said. Sing for me and make the monsters go away.

I don’t know how to sing anymore, he replied, eyes sad and defeated and broken.

Then tell me a story, she pressed. Tell me a story to make the pain go away.

All the stories I have to tell, he murmured, are of death.

Silence then, as she didn’t know what else to say. The man seemed adamant, so very sure of what he was, what he had been shaped into. And so she reached out her wide, young arms, green eyes hopeful and naive. She held out her arms and said, Hold me.

The man didn’t know what to do, so he started to walk away. The girl continued to stretch out her arms, though. Hold me, she said again, Hold me and together we’ll make the monsters go away.

And because the man was weak, and because he was broken, he did. He held her and she held him, and even as some of their worries thawed in the glow of the other, the man knew that it was only a short amount of time before this joy, this light, went out too.

Beautiful lies
::Sasuke + Itachi::

Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie-

How many times could one person lie?

How long before lies blur over into truth, and truth into lies?

There was something about him that made you want to believe. Something about his voice, his presence, his damnable blank face that made you want to nod and accept his words.

Sasuke shook his head clear, as clear as it would get these days, and pressed on, throwing another kunai at Itachi.

No matter how much he wanted his brother’s death, he wanted his brother more.

Sometimes he wondered, what would it be like to live in a lie? To live as if it had never happened at all.

He ran up a tree, blocking punches as he went, and wondered how long something like that would last.

And how far he would have to fall to try.

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I like your drabbles. The mark of a truly great writer is if she manages to convey much meaning in very few words, and you definitely do that. :3


YAY! I'm not sure about the whole "great writer" thing, but I'm certainly delighted that you liked them.

I'm still trying to get out of my Hellsing funk. I might try some drabbles for that later.

Oh my God, Chuunin, what the hell happened to you? It's like people choked on a snark pill or something.

Sorry, but I disagree with that guy. In fiction, breaking rules is allowed if the effect works. And I think it works here. Short, to the point, like the thought process in general.

Is the "it" Sasuke mentions the massacre, or something else?

P.S. Your last post about exercizing makes me want to do it now.

I was a bit...shocked. I don't have problems with being corrected, but I like to know what I did wrong, so I can actually correct it.

Mmmhm. "It" was a reference to the massacre. The ambiguity was partially purposeful, and partially because I couldn’t think of another way to put it without actually saying “the massacre”.

:3 It's wonderful, actually. I have so much energy now.

On the down side, it hurts to laugh at the moment. I'm sure the pain will go away soon. I'm only on my seventh day, after all.

The annoying thing was the attitude that went with her declaration. It was just disrespectful and condescending. (Me no like.)

Did you see what those type of wankers did to des_butterfly's recent KakaSasu manifesto? I think she deleted the worst comments, but one guy basically accused her of advocating child molestation. :O

I hope her comments won't make you stop writing.

Well, she certainly changed her tone by the end of it all. Perhaps ganging up on people makes them less "I am queen of all"?

Oh man, I did see that. I was going to jump into that fight, but I was so busy with make-up work. It was so ridiculous! Some people will cling to anything to get themselves a nice, heavy fight. *shakes head* I'm glad she deleted those comments, because they were incredibly foolish.

No! I'm still writing away. Kinda...stuck, but writing. :3 *hugs you*

LOL okay I read these and I think they're beautiful little drabbles, but I had to say that after reading bakkhos's comment that I toddled over to chuunin and mustered me some mischief.


...And I also wanted to know if there was something I could write for you as a gift. I'm not asking my entire flist (because I know I'm a lazy writer) but I'd like to do something for you :)

*flails around in complete LOVE*

I'm so amazed that I have so many people sticking up for me. My other friend, irreverence wrangled together some of her friends and they defended me. I was all "Woah...that's so nice!"

And now you are defending me too!

*super huge mega-huggles*


*googly puppy eyes* Really? I can't even say how excited I am. Um. Hmm. You know, anything that you'd write for me, I'm positive that I'd be more than happy with it. :3 *squees* I'm so excited to get a story from you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you again for sticking up for me. I never knew that putting up a few drabbles would cause suck a ruckus. And I'm also delighted that you liked them. *hugs again*

Of course I'd be defending you. That person was a jerk. There's one thing to point out mistakes, and a completely different thing to be as blatantly obnoxious as she was. *RAGE* *___* Well you tell me and irreverence if anyone says things like that again >BD

I adore all your drabbles; however short they are never takes away from the effect that you pull off. ♥♥♥ I wish I could be getting better gifts for flist but writing fics is pretty much all I can offer right now ;___; So be as specific as you like with what you'd like from me. Genre, plot, pair, any of that? :3

:3 I'll be sure to report any do-badders right away.

I wish I could get presents for my flist, too. I'll probably take drabble or oneshot requests as well, because I always feel bad if I don't get a present for someone I know.

Can't wait until I get a job again. It'll be presents galore!



Could you take Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi (OMG POST TIME-JUMP LIEK WOAH) and put them all together in an unlikely situation? Try to involve the phrases "empty bottle" (any kind of bottle) and "cocoa butter body lotion".

Anything goes really. Plot can be totally up to you. Pairings as well. I love being surprised.

Heee okay I've something in mind. ...Hopefully it won't border crack. >3

Crack is perfectly fine. I luff me some crack.

lol it was more like asking my friends if I was the only one who thought they were good. xD They got angry on their own. ♥

*huggles you*

:3 They were still amazing to stick up for me, a complete stranger.

And so were you for that awesome comment that she obviously couldn't think of anything to say back to. She actually hearted you. :D You is the win.

Awh! Thank you! It was a wonderful surprise to get a comment on these little drabbles. :D

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